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The emotions, the reviews...of the customers are very important to each of the staff at TT Nails Salon. Let's see whether they like or dislike our nail services | affordable nail salon in Ashburn, VA 20147
'  I am a long time client of Tina’s and love her attention to detail. She does my nails right every single time. My nails last a long time, they never lift or break and stay fresh and beautiful the whole time. My nail color never fades or chips compared to other places which means Tina uses high quality products. The pictures speak for themselves. Great salon, highly recommend! "

(5/5 stars - Maria Eligwe)
I am delighted with Tina and her shop!!! They take their time and ensure your time is yours! Cleanliness – nail stations, pedicure bowls, towels, and the floor were all clean and sanitized! You can tell they take pride in ensuring cleanliness is a top priority. Fresh air – it doesn’t feel like you walked into a nail salon. Typically, my experience walking into a nail salon is having the products thrown right into your face, but not here! They even use nail vacuums to reduce the nail dust from filing. Expertise – I did not bleed or have cuts (unfortunately, this has happened at many other salons). From product to application, you can tell Tina knows what she’s doing and will also talk to you about them. Tina’s designs are modern and so pretty, you won’t be disappointed!! Customer service – No attitudes!!! I felt welcome on the phone and walking into the salon. Everyone greeted me, and I didn’t feel rushed or pressured. "

(5/5 stars - Tricia Taylor)
'  I have been thoroughly pleased with every visit I’ve had here. Tina always does an amazing job, and puts great effort into making my nails looks beautiful! "

(5/5 stars - Amber Dee)
"  I took the photo of my nails that were done during my previous appointment here, and they still look amazing! I'm actually typing this message as I'm getting my pedicure done (regular here). The atmosphere here is incredibly tranquil and serene. Not only do they offer refreshments, which is a nice touch, but their attention to detail is truly exceptional. Among all the nail salons I've visited in North VA, this one is definitely my favorite. "

(5/5 stars - Crystal Lott)
Hands down the best. I’ve been a client of Tina before she opened up her own salon. Her work speaks for it self. Quality work and takes her time. She has been working on my ingrown nail on my toes for the longest and all it took was for 1 tech to ruin it all from another salon. Now that Tina opened her own spot I’m back with her and I know she will get my toes back to top tier. I usually show her what I have in mind about designs for my mani and the execution is always better than I imagine. You won’t regret going to Tina. "

(5/5 stars - zulma bonilla)
"  Chronic Nail-biting customer makeover. I'm finally looking like a grownup lady thanks to these professional nail tech ladies Cindy and Ny. I got gelX done for manicure and regular gel for pedicure. Found a beauty place i can trust! Highly recommended "

(5/5 stars - Yến Lê)
So many customers choose to believe at TT Nails Salon, Let's come to our nail salon to own your trending nails 
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